Rethinking Meditation- The Time Is Now

▶ The Ridiculously Conditioned Trap of Refined Meditations ◀

Aditi Rishi
3 min readMay 5, 2022

The Meditation Techniques passed down by the sages have somehow failed to kindle my spirits. I never sat under a Bodhi Tree to Self-realize and levitate. I wanted to carve out a path of my own, a process of my own.

I failed miserably, not once but multiple times in a loop.

And I realized TREES are not the way. To my utter disbelief MEDITATION is not either!

There is a little catch in seeing MEDITATION as the only way to attain Spiritual-Realization. After years of stumbling, nitpicking, and filtering out the truth through my embarrassing human experiences, I sieved out one immaculate understanding!

1. Is Meditation The Only Way To Attain Spiritual-Realization?


In reality, meditation is not the way, “YOU ARE.”

Why? For the beginner's sake, what meditation does is nothing more than the removal, the great purgation. We don’t deny the fact that at night in our most unadorable clothing, we are the most comfortable!

Similarly, the layers of regulating costumes are done away with to arrive at your NAKED-SELF.

Your naked self, the one least veneered is undoubtedly the way until you go on further and full-throttle without holding back even the most subtle parts of you to meet the ‘way.’ This WAY is your true nature. How? We will demystify and set the tone for this by using an unforced analogy!

2. Lamp-Analogy


A lamp covered by twenty fabrics is a ruined lamp. The fabrics ingeniously block out the illumination. Unconscious-Human is this veiled lamp.

🔹Meditation is precisely the process of uncovering the thick veil.

🔶Spiritual Awakening is catching a glimpse of the uncovered lamp.

♦️Enlightenment is being the lamp — Be As You Are ( Ramana Maharishi).

Meditation is the removing of these fabrics — the glamorous false costumes — one by one by passive observing, SELF-ENQUIRY, finding the origin of thoughts, NETI-NETI. These are all constructs to remove the dense veils. All these methods in abundance are the modus operandi.

But you see the process of removal is not a complex one!

One shake and the veils fall off spontaneously unless you want to carefully start the process all over again. Precisely, a seekers tale! :|

What kind of MEDITATION you undertake is governed by your TYPE. ◀

Let us also not forget to enjoy the journey of picking up the veils and subtle noticing. You can catch the variations in nuances lit by a dingy light in various degrees. So be in love with this!

You gotta at some point stop enjoying the DARKNESS in the presence of a lamp.

Maybe, you employ all the ways at once, to illumine the room!

Maybe, you are interested in the mechanics like a SPIRITUAL SCIENTIST and you dissect the process. You study the nature of ‘Awareness’ for the sake of love and joy.

Maybe you undertake the DIRECT PATH by being the lamp.

Maybe you purify yourself, by seeking the path of DEVOTION.

There is a beautiful element in the kind of journey you undertake.

All the exotic, distinctive and unique flavours are to be savoured until you arrive HOME. Keep on recognising the pristine and ‘flavourless Eternity’ as your all-time favourite taste.

Photo by Courtney Cook on Unsplash

At whatever apparent stage of Meditation, simply Be!

Direct-Abidance magically holds in it the power free from any looming processes to truly liberate us!


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