Voila…The Kingdom of Heaven Is Our New Posh Neighbourhood!


Aditi Rishi
3 min readJun 23, 2022

The Most Difficult Aspects of Spiritual Awakening —

The reality served to you by the world has FAILED you. And you no longer are interested in the content of life, but LIFE!

You no longer accept the norms, your old identity breaks with the sound of thousand conchs.

Image: Times of Oman

Your inner depths crave to stretch its arms and rest in its natural abode. You don’t know it yet, but you are confident to find this place. And you embark upon this journey with confidence because everything gradually loosens its grips.

You are now entering the unexplored TERRITORY with no fans, supporters or cheerleaders. You are alone.

Precisely, it is the road less taken, the road rarely taken. It is cumbersome for the identity to delve deep into this terra incognita. We grin, this is essentially a mind’s mechanism.

Without an emotional investment, every experience is simply the same. This realization is a crucial push.

Though it invites an abundance of suffering. When one allows life to do its thing, life’s TURBO MODE gets activated. It is turbulent and disconcerting.

Once this phase is over as it seems, the LOTUS BLOOMS and an effortless abundance ensues. It is easily the most rewarding because external situations no longer control you.

You hold your own reins. You no longer buy false entrapments. You are a free soul. No experience calls for emotional investment, precisely because an ‘I’ that had preferences is no longer found.

Every appearance is just a movement, you locate the essence not the form anymore.

The boundaries disappear and a warm, carefree, confident, a no-sense sense, a no-perception knowing is your new normal. A place that is all, that is true, that cannot motivate you further to add more to this place. All is here.

Like a JAR filled with water up to the RIM cannot add more, your full self needs nothing more to complete you. In order to fill more, you need to SHAKE a little of what you are every now and then.

But nobody is crazy enough to take a reverse road anymore!

There are no commotions brought about by external situations, no underlying agendas, no emotional investment and as a result, true freedom impregnates our living.

Peace is a cakewalk; courage and confidence our effortless companions.

Freedom follows as we no longer have to please an ikon of GOD in our sacred livery. Motivation is no longer pleasing. Enthusiasm easily replaces passions and emotions.

Dukkha is synonymous with the world, and we no longer stand in the world to confront these persistent dukkhas and carve out patches of elusive happiness, but we buy ourselves a new HOME in the locality of God.

Voila…The Kingdom of Heaven is our new posh neighbourhood.

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