Two Mindful Approaches I Use Daily to Escape Suffering Instantly!

You Overlooked This Simple Realignment — Let's Serve In Some Mindfulness for you!

Aditi Rishi
5 min readApr 27, 2022

Do we really want to build a life of utmost comfort and security?

This is what every human being holds of paramount significance. Do we not prioritise it above everything? We make our beds at night comfortable enough still sleep eludes us. We light candles, Spotify our fav playlist, yet we struggle to sleep. When life throws a curveball, we prolong our worry loops and get stuck in the victimization. Freedom feels elusive, fleeting…because…we have never experienced true freedom yet!

We find ourselves flabbergasted at the unpredictability and stand oblivious to the ghastly clutches of impromptu challenges.

the chosen

Well, I can finally say with a grin, I have wasted 25 years of life suffering when there was simply no need to. I repeat, there was precisely no need to, at any point in time, regardless of the circumstances. I learned it the hard way. You don’t need to.

And I am pretty damn sure, if you make this practise your ‘home,’ you’ll be a hundredfold happier!

You will not be the same wretched soul after finding a miraculous course correction. A small realignment in our understanding changes much of the psychological suffering without seeking a therapist or pills.

Let's study the nature of suffering from the most exotic examples.

We do not waste time knitting the premise anymore!

So, here's breaking down the mindfulness techniques for you, one by one, I encourage you to take TIME and ABSORB!

Technique One

In the scorching summer heat with the sun directly over your head, do you ever wonder about the dynamics of the Sun, about the nuclear fission process?

Do you engage in a debate with the neighbours while surrendering to the burning heat or do you quickly search for a place of shade and step under it? do what the situation demands! You stop riding on a 180-degree arc, you target the solution! Even Buddha suggested this technique in his core teachings.

Worries are your scorching sun, the approach to harness is a banyan shade. You and I, everyone takes the shade!

Step out of the identification instantly. Be a Passive watcher, and in time leave the watching and the watcher.


J Krishnamurti reveals his biggest secret in one of the Spiritual discourses,

I don’t mind what happens to me!

And this precisely is the essence of non-duality. Do not cram it, understand the profoundness of this banal looking statement.

The Problems will never get solved. It is better to stop somewhere and reflect.

Problems are called problems for a reason. Stop expecting easier problems!

Technique Two

There will never be a time when your external circumstances will be a hundred percent perfect! Well, maybe a possibility, if you are persistently distracted.

Do not distract yourself outwardly. Distract yourself inwardly, essentially, by going within!

Challenge is a simple and benign phenomenon, but you have chosen to elongate it infinitely well until its origin and tail gets tied together.

In the end, post entanglement, it gets too difficult for you to find where you stand. Are you compulsively pondering inside the loop or at the outside?

Human Beings complicate their own problems. They add the never-ending narratives and contract themselves in the hysterical emotional investment.

We are not talking about getting transformed into a cold-hearted human being. Time to time take a step away from emotional vulnerability and victimization. Practice non-doing that is effortless. Let it be. Let emotional turbulences arise without the intention to get carried.

Let's Un-Become — Step Out of the Ridiculous Compulsive Loops


Were you ever a part of this loop? It’s been a long time you’ve unconsciously dwelled in this loop, and now started seeing yourself as the loop. It is so in the face!

How to get out of this hopeless cyclical loop? Maybe a delicious pill! Not yet.

Can you cut the loop? You can cut the loop by disregarding it. Hence, disengaging the link — the chain of apparent compulsive thoughts — makes the situation powerless.

What this essentially means is to deprive the ‘circumstances’ of their grandiose significance.

Kick the ‘me’ out of your system.

In the same viewpoint, when difficult circumstances arise, our lives' unresolved and resolved matters are stripped of their control, for they do not become us.

You know with every fibre of your being, you are not your SITUATION, you are not an entity that is constantly expanding in elation and shrinking in devastation.

You are relieved of this discord. You escape the constant struggle to protect yourself and secure your surroundings.

Fortunately for us, our ‘true nature is eternal bliss, an abundant and a perpetual source of joy.

You see the difficult situations, the impending decisions, the chaotic relationships, the anxiety about the future, your poverty, the death of your loved ones, the heartbreaks, the embarrassing situations, the condescending winks, the fatal illness, and the memories, but you walk past them. Challenges will still exist, but they no longer own you!

Go back to this, whenever you dwindle.

A) Don’t mind, “There is harm, but there is no real danger!”

B) Always try to distract yourself inwardly. Keep outer noise at the bay!

The intention is to not be the walking, talking and speaking breathing dramas of our life.

Live by moving on and letting go, like ‘air’, ever-flowing, but cautious enough to leave no traces behind, expressing life in its fullest form.

You’re welcome!


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