Three Epic Awakening Accelerators

Aditi Rishi
3 min readSep 6, 2022


Once you were dragging all those water-filled buckets from the well, your knuckles were tight and your lower spine was torn out from slogging all those ungiving weights. Too long now!

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One day a madness struck like a thunderbolt, you could surely have asked before — ‘now’ seemed to be a good time — why and for what were you exhausting yourself all this while.

You stood there, amid these vivid imaginations and collapsing reality chunks, one by one like a mad bird dissolving into oblivion.

Once this unwarranted episode is over, you started forgiving yourself for the past. This is Awakening. A shift in your understanding of Reality!

Some struggles happen on a daily basis, during uncalled-for situations or upon having to deal with unconscious people, sometimes our own egoic encounters are dreadful and incite shameful reactions. So yes, these are the life nom-noms but what about your participation?

This doesn’t compare to the conflict between your own experience and the reinforced reality served by the world.

You see, I could colour a blackboard white if I had to mark a dot for all the countless numbers of struggles I went through inside me. But today I am at peace.

One day exhaustion is just around the corner for you, after exerting yourselves through the same prolonged repeated, boring yet tumultuous push-pull battles. And when you choose to get out of the game, you find yourself giving in to Reality.

This is a wholesome surrender.

And it is an eternal orgasmic recognition, a pathless path and a terra incognita.

Awakening to Knowing to Being…This is what my Spiritual Journey looks like to me.

Often after fighting a lot with the letting go and cancelling efforts that seem to preoccupy our minds for most days. We become effortless in letting go of all the identity clutters that clamour our understanding because of ONE MINDFUL STAND.

  1. Do Not Say No to Impulses — Find a distinction between a natural impulse and a desire or a need.

Natural Impulses are done for no reason but to express the joy within. Can I start using a pulley to pull the Water Bucket from the well instead of pushing it all by myself, exactly what acceptance do to us.

Our weights are not external, they are instead internal.

Life might become effortless and friction-free. The future looks promising. The weight is no longer felt. This is a Spiritual Wonderland, never an attention-craving desire yet promises freedom and innate joy!

2. Go Beyond the Spiritual Resistances — We often find ourselves consuming a lot of erudite spiritual teachings. Sometimes these teachings overwhelm us. We resist the teachings because they are not drilled in our hearts yet, and we try to dissect them using a lifeless mind.

  1. Do not Chase Ecstatic Experiences — There is no
  2. Identify More with Awareness — Rather than getting your highs and lows proportionate to your egoic whims and desires, stay in an auto-mode of cosmic identity.

3. Do not give in to GUILT, REGRET and Passing Self-Judgements:-

I say it out loud because this is one factor that weighs your truth down the most. It seems like you are carrying the burden of the whole wide world when you’ve to deal constantly with this self-judging and loathing individual.

How deep these knots are tied in together you have no idea, but it is one of the most complex conundrums that keeps reality from you.

Be conscious of how this is a mind-enabled complex compulsive pattern that goes in loops to keep your light at bay.

Photo by Patrik Velich on Unsplash

No matter where you stand today, believe and it shall be given unto you!

No matter how long you’ve waited, be easy and passive to clear the vague clouds of limitations from hovering around you! Do not delve into the territory of the mind, but enter into the vicinity of the heart.

And you shall see you are what you’ve been looking for!



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