Three Epic Awakening Accelerators

Photo by Veit Hammer on Unsplash

Awakening to Knowing to Being…This is what my Spiritual Journey looks like to me.

Often after fighting a lot with the letting go and cancelling efforts that seem to preoccupy our minds for most days. We become effortless in letting go of all the identity clutters that clamour our understanding because of ONE MINDFUL STAND.

  1. Do Not Say No to Impulses — Find a distinction between a natural impulse and a desire or a need.

Our weights are not external, they are instead internal.

Life might become effortless and friction-free. The future looks promising. The weight is no longer felt. This is a Spiritual Wonderland, never an attention-craving desire yet promises freedom and innate joy!

  1. Do not Chase Ecstatic Experiences — There is no
  2. Identify More with Awareness — Rather than getting your highs and lows proportionate to your egoic whims and desires, stay in an auto-mode of cosmic identity.
Photo by Patrik Velich on Unsplash



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Aditi Rishi

Aditi Rishi


I dissect the direct experience of Non-Duality, Enlightenment, Spiritual Awakening, Creative Manifestation, filter it through mind and put it in words. Recluse.