My Most Core Understanding — The Subtle Play of Residual Impulses

For Advanced Spiritual Seekers-AFTER SPIRITUAL AWAKENING

Aditi Rishi
3 min readMay 30, 2022


It is the stage after SPIRITUAL AWAKENING and before ENLIGHTENMENT (if something as enlightenment exists).

Sometimes, when our mind-made self is on the verge of complete extinguishment, it will bring to its surface underlying incomprehensible residues. These residues could not be understood, but can be observed! Sometimes, we do try to observe them using our witnessing power engaged. If we touch these, we might end up getting entangled.

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So, in order to distract ourselves, our egoic identity would spawn quick egoic patterns like compulsive talking, compulsive distractions, etc. It will ask us to run away from our SILENT BEING compulsively. It will not allow us to Accept and Rejoice in the “NOW.”

How to uncover these patterns and how to stop holding on to these Last Compulsions —

Sometimes the play of Impulses is so subtle that we cannot comprehend it, our mind cannot grasp it, because the impulse is like a fog-figurine and we never in our entirety of life can derive a mind-sense of it.

However, there is a skilful catch. You see, the other impulse that you can understand and very well comprehend is the impulse that suggests we need to run away, we need a better situation. This is another way a mind pattern manifests itself.

We are not actually CRAVING a runaway or silence or a ‘no-talking’ conducive atmosphere, we are CRAVING OUR INNER SELF. Our mind twists it around a need for change in our external environments. This is essentially a different pattern of Mind-made Resistance. But at the end of the day, it is a pattern indeed!

Once you SIMPLY BE as YOUR INNER SELF, the intangible knot dissolves and a binding Contraction expands.

And when you ‘BE’, no amount of talking will create a disturbance. You’ll be OKAY with everything. And you will know this from your own experience.

But for that, you need to first FIRMLY OVERLOOK your need and want of a different situation. You need to sit in silence and be RELAXED. You need to passively ACCEPT that ALL. is already PERFECT.

Once your MIND’S RESISTANCE subsides, observe/watch through HEART’s EYES without a NEED to understand this impulse. And, in due time spontaneously you’ll recognise that-

Oh, this was also a benign mind-made pattern/a residual impulse/a force of old habit that never was POWERFUL enough to cause any Commotions in MY NATURAL STATE OF BEING.

Because you know that in your own experience that YOU AS AWARENESS HAVE NEVER SUFFERED IN THE PAST OR SUFFER IN THE PRESENT.

This impulse has no power upon you, because your BEING never changes, never gets affected by anything.

And this has been your own understanding all the while, which was only temporarily veiled by the residual patterns.



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