The Only Way We Meet God

Aditi Rishi
2 min readAug 7, 2022

I wished to see him. I didn’t know yet if it was a ‘him’ or ‘her.’

I kept addressing him in a way that made sense to my mind the most! We all do…

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I believed one fine day, I would get to witness God in his mightiest form, embellished with jewels, or maybe an impoverished appearance with a blinding white light halo laying the carpet for his arrival…

To my utter surprise, my whims and fantasies disappointed me. I failed to witness a presence of God so compactly designed and utterly limited.

To see a God meeting my imagination would be blasphemous.

To impose a limitation on eternity is to reduce it to time, and time is commonplace…

By the virtue of personifying God, I had modified God.

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And not that God disappointed me. He remained but became vague in multifarious forms and appearances. I’d meet God every day in the way of forms surrounding us.

This banal and prosaic presence failed to entice me. God shall not be recognised on street or is to be seen in the concrete slabs.

I needed pomp and show to signal and seal my rendezvous.

Meanwhile, God appealed.

An intuitive guidance and a shook in my notions did it all. I was to recalibrate my understanding of what is to be expected.

To meet extraordinary, I’d to become extraordinary.

It was not on one particular occasion I’d realize God’s presence is invisible and our bond would be beyond acknowledging. It was a coming together of a large number of events to allude to my ignorance.

Little did I know he resides in the heart. But we are not to be called neighbours.

Aditi Rishi

And I met God, to be precise, recognised…

At all times, God was and is. To separate God from me is to give way for folly and fantasies to replace what is real.

And so in my desire to meet, I learnt a lesson so profound that changed the entire course of my life,

To meet God, I am to be God…



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