The Only Requisite For Enlightenment Post Disappointments

Easiest Way To Getting Spiritually Liberated

Aditi Rishi
2 min readNov 8, 2023

A spiritual experience is nothing rare or exotic, even when someone says he is not spiritual, the person is inherently spiritual.

The virtue of ‘simply being’ is true spirituality, which is the very first requisite for everyone to exist.

Shamz of Tabrez

The mind-made spiritual experiences are not a pre-requisite for enlightenment.

The only requirement is if you are lost, you can be found and this precisely is enlightenment.

Words or spiritual experiences are false, truth is more closer than any words spoken about it, or any personal experiences shared by someone about it.

Do not believe the half-baked understanding or a personal understanding of enlightenment. See for yourself.

Do not bother your already bothered mind to see or know what enlightenment is.

Enlightenment can only be known by leaving every desire to know, see, experience or live.

Being spiritual is inherent in your existence, just stop the drama that says you are not.

This consists of all perceptions and conditioning, all efforts of mind and thinking.

When one sees the drama for what it is, one recognizes the revelation of oneself which is true enlightenment. One knows that one has never stopped being enlightened.

Enlightenment is a simple knowing of what one is.



Aditi Rishi

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