My Biggest Meditation Fail

Row Your Boat Beyond

Aditi Rishi
2 min readMay 25, 2022

I failed, and failed…I learned and I have known!

I envied the ones who lived in this understanding. What made them different? I skimmed through ample scriptures and discourses, and finished reading most erudite analogies!

One shared wisdom underlies in identifying these enlightened, peaceful and sagacious masters. They always went beyond bliss and beyond experiences.

They didn’t stay and get attached to a blissful and ecstatic experience. They didn’t chase the experiences from the past!

They didn’t access their memory lanes. Neither did they develop a disinterested affection.

And after a lot of unsuccessful attempts at the mindfulness techniques, during my deepest meditations, I recognised this knot and I dissolved it.

This stands valid in our own experiences, do not ever make the mistake to impose contentment. If you feel during your meditation an itch that there is something more. There is more.

A transcendental experience is not our home. It can sure be the patio, but not the wholesome knowing of Home.

So what exactly is the goal of Meditation?


Bliss is a complementary effect of truth. Making a goal out of meditation inhibits the wholesome effulgence of truth.

Meditation is precisely what we are. We meditate to see reality as it is; to do away with distortions and see things as they are.

Neti Neti



and Devotion

are all the numerous paths to meditate.

This is the very first step.

Meditation is not an invited experience but our default.

The next step is to shake our slyly planted identification, by recognising the illusory version and realigning our knowledge of ourselves with truth, with reality — the one known in meditation.

This perception-less knowing shines with the deepening of meditation and in the subsequent articulation of understanding.

Meditation is not a cause and effect phenomena, hence, its implications if make us happy today will lead to dukkha/suffering in their absence tomorrow.

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