When Life Prescribed Me Medications

A Diagnosis and Treatment of Life

Aditi Rishi
2 min readJan 13, 2022
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When a person falls sick, he goes to see a doctor with utmost belief in his treatment and diagnosis. His thoughts subsequently align themselves and a feeling of faith arises and the restlessness goes away.

Similarly, when one embarks upon his spiritual journey, one must show the same kind of trust in the diagnosis and treatment of life ( or awareness or God or love or one's inner guru).

Your inner guru is a customised one, his diagnosis is the most intimate of all, he knows your subtle layers of compulsions, attachments and aversions, the ones hosted by your petty mind.

Moment to moment diagnosis of life will give you life situations in alignment with your sickness and all the layers that bound, confine, limit and restricts you will be shown clearly to you.

The only condition is you must actively participate in this treatment of life, as you do when you are treated for any chronic disease.

Your diet and your lifestyle change, similarly you must align your way of living with this understanding. You must see every little resistance arising in you towards particular situations in its deepest depths. Nothing is a coincidence. The world is a big fractal always incoherent.

Each life situation is the treatment, the resistance that you have is the marker, the layers of compulsions is your diagnosis and watching them in its depths is the medication. And this medication works instantly.

Trust life. It is the best doctor. It knows what your petty mind doesn’t. Life is your only true mother, father, friend, doctor, teacher, sibling, and your only admirer.

There is nothing wrong in the world when you are cradled by life itself, perfection itself.

Life in you wants to liberate you, it only wants what’s the best for you.



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