The Biggest Mistake I made in chasing Enlightenment and I rectified it.

Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash

Sun illuminates all the objects that it shines upon.

Sun, unaware of its own attribute, is endlessly chasing the same illumination.

Innocent Sun has no idea it is the one that loans the effulgence to everything that comes in contact with its splendour.

The sun cannot move at a distance from itself to illuminate itself. Sun is too intimate with its own experience of shining that no subject-object relationship can take place. ( Dual relationship)

Sun understands only the conventionally validated subject-object relationship but that doesn’t help him realize his own eternal shine, his own abundance. This falls beyond the purview of dual conditioning.

For Sun to recognize his true nature, it has to go beyond the conventional subject-object relationship. It has to find altogether a new medium, a new way of knowing to formulate this understanding.

So what does the Sun do?

It stops chasing, doing, and becoming something at a point in time in the future.

It starts recognizing and knowing.

And it realizes its truth not by duality but by the non-dual way. By being as it is, it recognizes itself effortlessly.

Seeker is an illusory entity until the seeking gets dissolved in the direct experiencing and takes away the seeker as well!

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