On Being The Most Boring Fish In The Sea

I am a fish and I get worried when I could not flap my fins meticulously in the mighty waters of worldly affairs.

For me in the past, the world became tumultuous, experiences- demanding, identity-fleeting, love-traumatic and God-humorous!

But I am ready to give away my secret, my mystery-unravelling and my most treasured understanding.

Photo by MohammadO Shokoofe on Unsplash

I witnessed such an interesting amalgamation of distress and irony, until one fine, night, a cold and warm response bared all my hearts’ miseries.

Why was I not in control anymore? I assure you, it is not a story of marketing agendas, victimising vulnerabilities or replacing mindsets, it is the most ordinary of stories of all us ordinary-looking evolutionary beasts.

What? Am I supposed to make something out of such a worthy Darwins Evolutionary Designation, it’s already a load of responsibility to be a human being. We are the mightiest beings on the planet right now. And for me, that’s quite unsettling.

The burden of a Human Life is even more.

Photo by Liona Toussaint on Unsplash

Amid Greta Thunberg’s and Malala’s taking big bountiful leaps, changing the course of the world, I looked like a meek sheep cornered by my next-door Minky Auntie’s thirteen-year-old Activist and Youtuber.

I am a lazy dwarf lionfish finding my one little space to rest. I won’t trouble anyone, but let me have my place. This became my Life’s purpose. To have my place as I wish. To not make enormous efforts, to not make a name, to not shine and compete.

Photo by Pawel Czerwinski on Unsplash

I struggled quite a lot to have my place and guess what after getting knocked out by life on innumerable occasions, I recognised one small glitch, one misrepresentation in my own fragile understanding.

I never needed to push others to grab my place.

My own mind was digging pits for me as I raised my foot to take the next step, and I had illusory falls zillions of times, the SUFFERING portrayed as real. But to my amazement — THE FALL WAS NEVER REAL.

That is when the Winds changed their pace, I was cradled by the larger-than-life breezes in instalments.

And I was not working these whole mechanics myself, I was not the creator and I was not making my puny mind and identity change the course of this world.

I was not burdening myself with responsibilities, I was simply being there.


I stopped KNITTING.







I stopped the BS…ENTIRELY!


And it cannot be termed as a MIRACLE, but I immediately began to BABY-FLOAT.

I am still as LAZY as a dwarf lionfish. But I know where is THE FUN in BEING LAZY, BEING BORING.

I am BORING for others who cannot comprehend the profound revelations in this BOREDOM.

For my LAZINESS is my SUCCESS, because I am not INHIBITING MY BEINGNESS, I will be dwarfish irrespective. I cannot act like a CORY even if I am successful in pulling up an impeccable artifice or not! So I gave up on being A CORY.

Another reason, I might be fooling others into being something I AM NOT, but I cannot judiciously fool myself. So, I ain’t falling for my own facades.

My fulfilment and alignment have finally spread their roots out. This is where the chapter on HAPPINESS closes in for me.

I am not walking down the lane of Mother Teresa, but I sure know how to be free of SUFFERING myself.

I sure know how to look at others SUFFERING FULLY, from a vantage point of wholeness and in this Understanding, I absorb

My mirror is unfazed and that is why it reflects the most critical, missed-out details of the world immaculately.

And this enables me to act when I act, in tiny perfect chunks, in utmost quality measured in its receiving completely by the outside world; it holds the power to change a person's life immensely.

So, Yes!

I admit I am Boring Fish, but I don’t make the water dirty.

I don’t change the course of water.

I don’t cause ripples.

I don’t flap and swim and sink.

I have learnt the Art of Being, of Lazily Flowing, and of Floating without exerting myself, in some of the most turbulent streams…

And this is, precisely, ‘ Being Human’ for me, Being a Life-Active Human, or a Lazily Floating-Dwarf Fish.



I dissect the direct experience of Non-Duality, Enlightenment, Spiritual Awakening, Creative Manifestation, filter it through mind and put it in words. Recluse.

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Aditi Rishi

I dissect the direct experience of Non-Duality, Enlightenment, Spiritual Awakening, Creative Manifestation, filter it through mind and put it in words. Recluse.