Sex is Not Your Soul’s Most Pious Call.

Satire — Forbidden or not, how does sex Relate to Enlightenment in the 21st Century?

Aditi Rishi
2 min readApr 23, 2022

Truth can never get so veneered.

Nature is all about —

2+2 = 4

Human Minds are all about —



Spirituality is precisely finding out this simple equation of nature in a child’s handbook by browsing through a bundle of scholarly research papers.

Human Sex is a decorated evolutionary need for continuity although not as crude as animal ways, well, why, because we are a little more sophisticated species.

Our sophistication has dropped down to new levels, mind- the very GPS given to us- has become a fork to stuff ourselves up.

We are all constipated now in heads and where not.

We are running like Romantic maniacs to a rustic town that can’t be found, “ Peachy Life- Roadway to Hell” wearing our most claustrophobic OOTD and Singing “Earned It” and “Wildest Dreams” out loud.


Some are even chanting OM on their way, cautiously striding through the crowd whilst reading Tantric Approaches.

Some validated eccentric folks sit beside the tables while this goes on and pretend to join the chaos singing- “Come to the table.”

But this is how it is, every cause has an effect, an inevitable misery associated with it. Nothing is a hindrance to an enlightened being for what kind of spirituality it is if the very basis of life can cause commotions to it. We cannot agree upon such an elusive definition of Enlightenment.

Even then, while we are all busy projecting, nature doesn’t give a dime about these ghastly psychological or romantic interpretations.

It hides in its calmness the cause of destruction that shakes up the very foundation of these castles built in thin air.

Trust life. It knows how to demolish this chaos ingeniously.



Aditi Rishi

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