Why Do We Suffer?

Ripening Takes Time, Yet I am Always Ripe

Aditi Rishi
3 min readJun 21, 2022

I understood that an EGOIC entity hovers around my True Self.

It creates in me a sense of separation. Separation begets limitations.

Limitations creates in me a need for expansion. Expansion is Freedom.

It creates in me a sense of urgency to carry out a purification process of mind.

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For an egoic entity, this process is paramount and pivotal to enlightenment.

While I devoted a major time to carrying out purification, it never was in my hands. The workings never seemed to end. Old habits popped up in TRYING CIRCUMSTANCES and I would time and again feel guilty about losing my ‘True Self.’

The permanence, stability and abidance of awakening seemed to be escaping my grips. This would at times leave me frustrated.

The mind-made self is very much real, but real when observed through a narrow purview of Mind.

When one takes a step back to acknowledge the presence of Awareness peeping through the thick veneer of egoic purification, one finds oneself in the presence of oneself as pure awareness, always available, RIGH HERE-RIGH NOW.

I then realize that one doesn’t need to go through a series of structured and disciplined approaches to purify traits and eradicate samskaras, while associated with a Body-Mind Separate Self.

In fact, one needs to be ‘awareness,’ at all times, to enable the purgation of egoic traits and old habits organically and effortlessly. It is a natural process of dissolution.

Effort is never an attribute of the Nature of Awareness.

Seamless Play is!

A beautiful analogy from the Advaitain tradition ‘RIPENING OF FRUIT’ presents us with a solution.

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All fruits ripen in their own time, but they have never stopped being fruits.

An unripened mango is still a mango and to chase this mangoish-ness is absurdity which never seems to end.

Only the recognition HERE & NOW is essential to peace.

The recognition could be either gradual or sudden. For some who are not yet there, the solace lies in understanding that what we already encompass is never lost.

If we are born to be mangoes, we will remain mangoes, no matter the stage of recognition, be it seed, stem, flower or fruit.

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Mango-ness is the very nature of Mango, likewise, Awareness is our very Real Nature and No Amount of suffering, Built-up Regrets or Dense Guilts can take us away from that.

I am Always Free, Whether I Recognize That or Not Today.

My True Nature WAS, IS and WILL ALWAYS BE Freedom.



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