Our One True Purpose in Life

Beyond Frustration and Ecstasy

Aditi Rishi
2 min readMay 17, 2022

Buddha as described by Ashvaghosha in the first century CE, left the luxuries of his protected palace to follow monasticism.

He has witnessed the four sights — an old bent man, a sick person, a corpse, and a wandering ascetic.

Not to imply that each individual has to tread upon a similar path of bodily austerity, but the seeking is kneaded in this kind of longing and frustration. The frustration and an innate quest are the unifying thread in every seeker’s path.

Feeling lost is OKAY.

It is an innocuous experience that occurs with the sole intention of life to expose the futility of worldly objects and objectives.

Until you get to witness a place of no wrong, no misdeeds, no hassle, no goals and precisely no purpose, you’ll have to continue to suffer at the hands of identification. Until you face continuously tumultuous circumstances for the mind-made identity and possess a tormented demeanour, you won’t give up. But that is all OKAY. It is not a personal problem.

A cloud doesn’t break a sweat to rain! It is its very destiny.

And for the cloud to rain, this is apparent at every point in time.

To propel us towards seeking the beyond, life knits this play. Giving up or surrendering to this fulfilment of purpose is the invisible key.

Once you recognise beyond the veiling that your true nature is untouched and essentially inert, you’ll be free till the next episode of identification arises, until it evaporates permanently and you abide in a problem-less state.

As you awaken from a dream after encountering a series of nightmares, so the ego’s resilience is to be tested and busted to the point of awakening.

Once you get frustrated enough you’ll realise the futility of getting frustrated and dismantle your worldly identification beyond interpretations, restricted seeing and misrepresentation of reality.

This is precisely life’s way of rolling out the carpets for you!

Once you dissociate from the suffering and allow a different dimension to unfold, you’ll realise in the game that you have never ever suffered.

You were untouched, undone and pristine! And you still are!



Aditi Rishi

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