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Understanding Meditation Using Mind

Aditi Rishi
3 min readMay 23, 2022

No, I did 't overlook a mind’s perspective. Spiritual environments can’t stress enough the futility of mind's perspective in meditation. Although, it couldn’t be farther from truth.


I have read ample Spiritual Posts in my tedious spiritual journey as a ‘Sadhaka.’ I have immense respect for all the seekers, Advanced Abiders, Spiritual Scientists and Truth Tellers for sharing their unique expressions, and inviting us to witness their love for ‘Truth’ and enthusiasm for the craft of writing.

These are vivid expressions customized and ingrained in their unique experiences. I concede with these views all along but at the same time being quite observant of these revered writings from an ‘Absolute Point of View.’

This viewpoint essentially is truth, and anything apart from truth is an adulteration. Note that each answer reflective of truth is deemed pious because of the quality of view and perspective.

However, for certain seekers, who often utilise the logical faculties to weigh any new understanding, it leads to an innocuous contradiction.

I remember from my own journey, I was fascinated by spirituality but I became confused when I heard advanced seekers speak of the apparent ‘I’ being an ego that doesn’t exist.

It raged a storm inside, as ego was absolutely real from my experience. I knew of nothing else apart from this egoic identity. Hence, the absolute point of view resonated but I was in constant need of the words of truth for me to remember this reality.

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This didn’t help much until I met my teacher Rupert Spira and I understood and recognised a slight misunderstanding. A fault of my egoic interpretation!

I understood that until the purification is stretched to the point where my identity becomes synonymous to reality, I will always understand Spiritual Awakening as an experience.

I realized that I have to “Kick the ‘me’ out of this system” and irreversibly cite it as an ‘illusion’ during my stretched periods of extreme identification with a limited entity.

The most revered sage of Sanatan Dharma Adi Shankaracharya’s intellectual analogies and Kashmir Shaivism’s reverential philosopher Abhinavgupta’s discourses validated my usage of mental faculties to articulate this understanding, this experiential truth!

Truth does peep from the dense veneer of egoic identification!

Once, my mind became a companion, a mindful servant, I was able to fully embrace and recognise my seeking journey. Every purification step became a profound experience, a bliss, a magical unfolding.

As much as an egoic identity is illusory, sometimes all it takes is for us to notice how truth shines even amid this identification.

A piece of art, an experience of truth, participation in oneness, a brush of happiness, all these experiences bring about a pause in the stream of constant identification.

And this understanding is indispensable. It allowed me to take a detached leap to recognise and fully embrace my reality, my truth! My mind’s reasoning and logics were no longer in contradiction with awakening.

In time the dense curtain of ego deconstructs itself and is deemed sheerer and sheerer, the reality consumes, dissolves and erases the final trail.

Ego then is known, recognised and is seen as illusory in one’s own experience! It becomes a seeker’s own experience. A seeker becomes self-reliant and independent from dependency on teachings!

This precisely looks like a phenomenon analogous to the ripening of fruit. The fruit spontaneously drops and becomes independent of the tree.

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