Aditi Rishi
2 min readFeb 21, 2022


Is Non-duality a mere philosophy or our most intimate living reality?

Non-duality is not a superimposition over already stuffed up and limiting life that we live.

Photo by Ghen Mar Cuaño on Unsplash

When we experience our reality, non-duality help us to formulate this experience by remembering the experience.

Non-duality is our very truth, our own reality that has been tampered with by the limiting needs of duality.

Non-duality doesn’t prove facts by conceptualization and layering up, rather it state the facts in our own experiences as they are.

Non-duality is a living reality not a two way street of exchanging knowledge.

Non-duality opens up a gateway for us. Even if it’s an uncertain miniscule peeking hole to begin with, it goes a long way in helping us to unfold our truth.

Non-duality reveals a way of living beyond the comprehension of sticky mind notions. It gives a much needed leeway to our fettered understanding and goes much beyond it by finally getting us to abide in our true nature.

Non-duality is a desire free place of residing. Even a glimpse in it propels us towards truth. Non-duality in turn helps us in reflecting our own truth.

Non-duality is everything we experience when our chattering mind stops to actively comprehend.

Non-duality is not a high end concept to decorate the already exotic portrayal of Spirituality. Rather it is the most simple formulation of our breathing Truth.



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