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Stop Missing Out On The Greatest Abundance

Aditi Rishi
3 min readJun 30, 2022

Conditioning is the cultural gift of years and lifetimes. Not genes, but your forefathers and mine are to blame. Today the time is ripe for me and you to recognise and acknowledge this abundance for we surely envy those folks who wear it upon their sleeves so casually.

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Having said so, how does one goes beyond the shallow surface living and getting stuck in a closely structured web of words and concepts?

How do we stop creating predictable copies of our past versions and encountering the same kind of relationships, jobs and sufferings!

How do we start being unpredictable characters?

Well, let us take a more pro-monastic approach, not much in our outer dispositions but more so in our inner dimensions.

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Monitoring day-to-day content is petty yet a cumbersome concrete. An incessant stream of thoughts and our surrender to be driven in the direction of thoughts helps none. Have we accepted that yet? If not, we are in for a much worse game.

They say being always at the mercy of life is a sure way to call our own miseries. We must make a mindful choice to not act like a surrendered kid anymore. We should own adulthood. This means we must unveil the curtain of ignorance ourselves and stop mocking the simplicity accompanying wisdom. So… how do we begin?

Our lives are made up of vivid, dark and wild experiences. We embrace some and we utterly despise some! Let us evoke the experiential truth within your own bosoms!

Let each experience stand invalid from the point of view of mind, thus allowing you to recognise reality. Reality is the only flavour to savour!

The experience of material happiness is as much false as is the experience of fear and pain. Without any tinkering on the surface of reality, without corrupting the organic flow of reality, CARRY ON!

Even amid chaos, silence is home for some illiterate nomads.

Once the game of language and words subsides, truth shines brilliantly. Dwell and rest there. Carry this apparent experience out in the world amid activities of washing, eating, talking and walking. Instead of distorting your views modified by the limited senses, play in the simple field of truth as truth.

Four eyes fixed inside, one on the outside is an old monk’s saying!

Travel through the field of AWARENESS. See if you can find the edge of it. And if you can, see that it is an object too in the field of awareness. Go beyond this object-subject relationship and see what is this unshakeable field wherein all objects appear.

The world-centric attributes will naturally start adjusting. Elevate the inner guru i.e awareness as your caregiver. It knows the best in terms of truth and fulfilment.

In time a curtain UNVEILS and reveals the permanent dwelling place.

Noticing the awareness, you have discontinued the act. Try to stretch the interruptions made in the noise. It takes time. Conditioning is the cultural gift of years and lifetimes. So to purify and shine as ‘you,’ persistent and genuine interest in the matters of HEART is paramount.

Once, a firm recognition is made do not get lost again in the unworthy play. Commit to TRUTH like never before and indulge more and more in long periods of DISMANTLING ego and sowing the seeds of the new vows.

So, stop missing out on the greatest evolving consciousness Abundance. We are part of the larger picture, we are such fortunate beings living under the next-evolution rubric, a century where some of the most profound, ancient, spiritual and core non-dual teachings are just a click away. So make use of that, because

Your heart’s articulated understandings will help you sail through the treacherous waters of an illusory world!



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