One Ridiculously Simple Inner Work

Aditi Rishi
2 min readFeb 13, 2022

All That Was Kept From You

Notice how the space allows the letters here to be seen, similarly, your true nature allows all the activity to arise. When you use your power of 'free will’ to choose “to know yourself as the ‘space’,” you know yourself to be the space. This space is Enlightenment. A slight realignment in your knowledge makes all the difference.

“A split hair’s difference and heaven and earth are set apart!”

~ Hsin Hsin Ming

What is frustrating is the perpetual trying which covers up or disturbs your stand or position as ‘Being’ being ‘Being'.

Enlightenment is not at all exotic, instead, it’s the exact opposite of this. It is not an exotic way of living reserved for some fortunate folks. Not at all. Period.

Complications arise on actively pursuing appearances, chasing states and experiences.

Enlightenment is one's true nature. When everything pretentious is relinquished, what remains is enlightenment. There is no other way out.

There can be nothing more intimate than enlightenment. There can be no distinction found between 'what you are’ and ‘what enlightenment is.’ There is no middle man who draws a line to separate them both because one is already enlightened.

For instance, take a pendulum. The natural way for a pendulum is to stay in equilibrium. Each force in nature work towards making the pendulum attain equilibrium. This equilibrium is enlightenment for individuals.

So when you consciously stop applying the unconscious external force to your true nature, your arrival is at a natural dwelling place. This is you, ‘enlightened’! What is making the apparent distinction is only the true seeing/knowing covered by a facade. This facade crumbles in a moment when you disregard it. It is deemed powerless because it has no roots.

The illusion waters the illusion. This story of being a mind-made self that you've known yourself to be and you'll be nothing beyond it is a distinction that separates the world and Reality. When you stop watering it, it falls like a dead bird, lifeless on the ground of reality.

Reality is always aware of itself. Whether we recognise it or not. Moreover, everything in nature is aligning itself every now to enable you to see and to be as the truth. Everything is working towards it. If you have a true desire for truth in your heart, that is more than enough. This is such a relief from the constant chasing. You can trust life and go ahead.

Every flavour of awareness is to be savoured. Not the destination, but the journey towards truth in itself is a beautiful one.



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