God is Revealed!


Aditi Rishi
2 min readAug 29, 2021

Each speck of dust, each shape of leaf, the weather of the lands, the rotation of the galaxies, the conversations of the strangers, the whispers of ‘wind,’ the movement of stars unseen, everything has fallen just in place to make me meet you!


If you want to be ‘limited’ talk of the limited, but being already unlimited why would you want to veil the affairs of the limitlessness?

Why would you want to keep yourself from witnessing magic eternally, why would you want to work tirelessly in contradictions and suffer when without moving a limb accomplishment is certain.

Photo by Mads Schmidt Rasmussen on Unsplash

Why would you want to be HUMAN when your God-Being is ever-present, when your God attributes right there and when your power to make the world spin is witnessing.

Why would you bother yourself with petty affairs of these half-wit comprehensive illusions when you know why a thousand leaf fall, why the earth spin and what is beyond these limited VISIONS?

Why would you want to remain in IGNORANCE when you can reveal the infinite wisdom in every moment of now.

Why would you cause such misery to your God's being, when you can shine like thousand suns without burning!

Why would you not let yourself be God and let this God's world present itself to you in abundance?

Why will you let your senses keep you from the overwhelming blessings and love that cannot be contained by your veiling self…

Why would you choose to suffer by not being what you are — the infinite, eternal, perpetual miracle that births everything that exists!



Aditi Rishi

I dissect the direct experience of Non-Duality, Enlightenment, Spiritual Awakening, Creative Manifestation, filter it through mind and put it in words. Recluse.