Critical Food Choices To Accelerate Spiritual Awakening

Aditi Rishi
3 min readJun 23, 2022


Early man killed animals and ate them RAW.

As man progressed they started cooking meat.

Geraud pfeiffer

As man progressed further they started raising cattle, solely for the purpose of consumption.

I would suggest first be rooted in truth which is not affected by any outside thing. And this won’t take years, in fact, one second of silence will allow us to navigate through presentable choices.

How I swim is not rooted in how I view the water.

Truth must be the authority. Not mere words. Not this either.

As much as I would love to suggest that reality allows everything, reality presents options, I cannot deny that I function as per my preferences. But I love denying myself things from time to time and then observing whenever an impulse arises to prefer something.

But truth prefers nothing. It allows everything to be.


Jesus talked in terms of loaves and fishes.

Ramana Maharishi rebuked a woman once who plucked some tree leaves to make an offering to Maharishi.

Lord Mahavira ( Siddhartha) was so pained to see a bird killed.

But how do all these translate into contemporary times? Can we follow the path of extreme abstinence? Does it have to do anything with Spiritual Awakening?


Awakening has nothing to do with our assumptions, or perceptions of life.

Let the truth speak to you. Having said that should we be equally free in choosing whatever we desire?

No. Desires one must be aware of.

Abstinence is resisting desires. This involves efforts.

Spirituality and our nature are beyond efforts. We are not seeking a disciplined approach but a mindful one!

Abstinence indeed doesn’t rearrange anything. We will comfortably prefer options based on our lifestyle, choices, and habits.

And that one must be MINDFUL because desires are precisely the root of suffering.

I would suggest a CHANGE in the lifestyle, to sleep on the floor in the hot sometimes and then carefully witness the resistance arising in us.

To deny ourselves and abstain ourselves once in a while to see what preferences are and what wants are. This will have amazing benefits.

It would do good to first embark upon the journey of TRUTH and then choose from abidance in this understanding of truth, from this seeing of reality.

Ramana Maharishi

I choose to write and not sing because that is what is fulfilling to me as a mind-body in alignment with whatever life wants of me.

In times of confusion, in fact, all-time rely on truth rather than religions or teachers or the ones who are rambling words like me.

Make this understanding your sole guide.

And you’ll be surprised to see how less complicated the choices are!



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