Critical Food Choices To Accelerate Spiritual Awakening

Geraud pfeiffer

How I swim is not rooted in how I view the water.

Truth must be the authority. Not mere words. Not this either.

As much as I would love to suggest that reality allows everything, reality presents options, I cannot deny that I function as per my preferences. But I love denying myself things from time to time and then observing whenever an impulse arises to prefer something.

But truth prefers nothing. It allows everything to be.



Awakening has nothing to do with our assumptions, or perceptions of life.

Let the truth speak to you. Having said that should we be equally free in choosing whatever we desire?

Ramana Maharishi

Make this understanding your sole guide.

And you’ll be surprised to see how less complicated the choices are!



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Aditi Rishi

Aditi Rishi


I dissect the direct experience of Non-Duality, Enlightenment, Spiritual Awakening, Creative Manifestation, filter it through mind and put it in words. Recluse.