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Why I Chose To Study Philosophy After My Spiritual Awakening —

Aditi Rishi
3 min readJun 2, 2022

Philosophy begins with questions on existential crisis and identity conundrums.

Philosophy is a branch which employs active knowledge and is open to studying, researching, observing, debating and contradicting this knowledge.

Prominent Philosophers catered to some nerve-wracking questions in a unique and provocative manner. They did not overlook their own longings that closed in a feeling of lack.

One thing they all did differently was they studied, reflected and publicly opened this LACK to invite in further trends of thoughts.

As a result of the transparent and wider reach of these questions, the inquisitive brains all over the world came together. Thus, philosophy spawned and developed as a structured study.

The wide and exquisite side of a subject as rooted as philosophy can only be known by studying it.

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We know people most often seek philosophy to answer their personal conflicts and fundamental questions. Philosophers have brought the tools and resources to analyze discourses and SPIRITUALITY takes over from here.

It is a relay of Philosophy and Spirituality to reach the final mergence and the ultimate dissolution!

Philosophy doesn’t promise enlightenment, but it sure provokes and provides an array of perspectives. It doesn’t heed importance to illogical and ludicrous claims.

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But it sure kindles a flame inside the learner’s heart.

In an interplay between Philosophy and spirituality, Philosophers often turn into seekers and usually end up finding answers to these coveted and boggling questions.

Their struggles resemble ordinary folks’. They are not exotic sages who have been to a mountain cave to seek answers. Philosophers become relatable polymaths.

Philosophy very much validates the usage of mental faculties and drops us at the door of spirituality, sometimes even knocks at the door for us.

We must acknowledge and embrace this side of philosophy.

In a few cases, seekers do turn towards philosophy after finding answers. This imparts a wider horizon, cements liberating articulations and allows seekers at having a chance to reflect upon the shared questions.

Seekers inside, philosophers resemble Karma Yogis who present their unique answers to these inquisitive questions.

At no point in time does philosophy becomes a hindrance to spirituality given an individual’s discernment is neutral and not polarised.

Atmananda Krishna Menon was a gem of a philosopher who acknowledged and validated the usage of exhaustive mentations to arrive at Truth.

He suggests,

The question points to a self which experiences deep sleep, a self that somehow goes on knowing when all changing actions of perception, thought and feeling have disappeared. That self is utterly distinct from mind and body, for it stays knowing when they disappear. Its knowing is no changing act of either mind or body; for it remains when all changing acts have come to rest, in an experience where they are utterly dissolved. So it is changeless in itself — found shining by itself, in depth of sleep.

Philosophy and Spirituality go hand in hand as an outward expression and inner understanding of the same ‘Brahman.’ There is no human being on the planet who doesn’t philosophies.

In short, nothing deprives itself of spirituality and nothing is separate from the goal of life which is to find ultimate ‘ salvation.’

Any subject or object that evokes a greater sense of life in you, becomes your path and purpose in life to know life.



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