7 Common Signs Of Spiritual-Awakening

One for the Beginners and Advanced Seekers

Aditi Rishi
3 min readMay 14, 2022

One day I burnt my hand and didn’t feel the pain at all. Was it to do with the loss of my body-mind consciousness!


Even though such symptoms may sound eerie, this is precisely what happens when one goes beyond the senses. Remember J Krishnamurti got operated on without getting injected with Anaesthesia.

Symptoms vary and do not fit into a strident soapbox. The spiritual dimension is beyond the linear concepts and without a tinge of doubt, it is beyond words. Still, we ramble!

Conflicting Views: The world is viewed through the lens of limited identity. Your vision transforms as you engage in the direct perception of reality as it is. It is actually the VISION GAME.

Ego bounces back Tenfold Stronger — Ego will do anything to establish its existence once again. It will not give up without a good fight.

You’ll have to face challenging circumstances — the ones that make you hit rock bottom.

Everything stings in the outside world. A lot of strength and a conscious deepening are required to swiftly sail through this period.

Live in Extremes: You start to understand life through extremes. You experience extreme joy as awareness and extreme pain as identity.

You have lost functioning in the passive middle ground of ‘not knowing,’ ‘don’t care what’s true’ attitude.

Lone Wolf: Nobody around you might get what you are going through and thus, you withdraw from participating in the usual chatter of the world.

Failing Relationships: The new understanding invades and affects all aspects of your life, relationships break because your partner can no longer deal with your new persona. Or you might no longer be able to relate to them.

On the other hand, some relationships might deepen as the bond gets more rooted in truth.

Creative Path: You might quit your ongoing well-established career to walk on an uncertain creative path. It is because a creative big bang like process goes underneath and it needs to find an outlet through you. You might turn into an artist, a poet, or a madman.

Lack of Sleep: Well, it’s because awareness never sleeps.

Losing interest in Conversations: Topics concerning child’s play find it hard to capture your interest.

Wisdom Access: Insights and Intuitive guidance become the new companions.

Synchronicity: Repeating numbers, signs and songs all bring in the message of Spiritual Awakening. 1010,1212,8, etc.

You find new people and effortlessly blend in. You are no longer significant because of the position you hold, but because your presence emanates truth.

Inanimate objects speak the most to you. A beautifully placed chair, a concrete slab or a geometrically shaped vase exudes silence like no other.

At all times be rooted in truth/ awareness. This unbroken stream is more than enough to reflect perfection and harmony and peace!

Peace, synchronicity, ecstatic joy, inner confidence, and disinterested affection are plain complementary effects but the real gold is living in ‘Heart’ at all times.

Whatever card life pulls up for you, stop losing your reality in the experiences and the doing. This magically takes you to a problem-less state!


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