10 Joys Of No-Thingness

The Pinnacle of Advaita Meets The Highest Understanding of Buddhism!

Aditi Rishi
2 min readNov 4, 2023
  1. No-thing-ness is not a feeling or an experience, it is the space wherein feelings indulge in experiences, where joy finds no bounds, and where the mind stops with its unending drama.
  2. Nature is clever enough to retract all options of an identity savouring this bliss. An ‘I’ can never know bliss and peace, a content-driven identity cannot grasp this eternal peace and a guilt-struck ego cannot fathom and savour this perfection. Hence, the end of ‘I’ is equivalent to the knowing of bliss.

3. It sure exudes brilliance, wisdom, effulgence, love and eternity, but a ‘you’ never can and will not know. These raw perfections cannot be seen and understood on a platter served with glamorous illusions. Nothingness demands no goals and motivations.

4. No-thing-ness is not a warm hug of achievement or for that matter a pointer towards achieving a ridiculously limited viewpoint/goal.

5. Nothingness cannot be captured and then revered. The more we try to grasp it, the more we forget it as is, and look for it in the externals to the point of unbearable pain.

6. The journey is cumbersome from limited to truth, but variations are themselves the silver linings. Cherish the moments in between, as cherishing itself is one of the infinite ways to nothingness.

7. No-thing-ness is the magnificence of a mountain, the pitter-patter of rains, the depths of an ocean, the silence of a stone, the seeking of a grass shoot, desperate efforts of a naive pupa, the strength of the broken hearts and the willpower to be what I truly is!

8. No-thing-ness is not a state to be achieved, for when one tries to reach one is bound to be at a distance. No-thing-ness is for the extremely lazy yet sublimely conscious in mind and body.

9. No-thing-ness is pure Advaita in experience. A story that unfolds on its own. It is the effortless detachment and a loving non-doing. The resting back in awareness.

10. Nothingness is never in contradiction with your practical life. If you find yourself stuck between a practical and a spiritual one, there is still more time for you to know. Nothingness flavour has not consumed you completely yet.

This Nothingness is not a mechanical or a dry process of mind. It is only by the grace and purity of hearts that ‘Nothingness, finds a ground in you.

Keep your hearts fertile, today or tomorrow, nothingness will know no bounds and dissolve all your personal misunderstandings.



Aditi Rishi

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